Thursday, 30 October 2008

need to get 4.00 this sem...

I dont care what people said.. but this is my target from secondary school.. hum.. da first pic tu la.. ak dpt no 2 pertndingan reka cipta.. ok la.. at least dh dpt 2 sijil.. skrng ak tggu plak result video project dpt no bape la agak nye.. humm.. anyway.. im soo stress right now... even this sem the new things for me juz 1 subject which would be science material..other than dat juz revision.. so its not posible for me to get 4.00.. by da wy I NEVER got straight A's in my life... so sad right.. so plz give me a chance.. dat 1 things y I wanna get 4.00.. da 2nd reason would be.. I want to compete wit UM student to prove dat UM was wrong throwing me out of there.. one day when I got da achivement I would say I da PASUM student not UM coz we TOTALLY different.. hum.. Im fight back for my right.. Last but not least, scholarship... NO need to worry about PTPTN anymore.. hopefuly its from a company coz I can work there :p.. well, my fremz got to continue study.. owh ya, I wish my friends ALL DA BEST for dis coming final sem.. みなさ!! がんばって ください!! -everyone do da best-.. cau..

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