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Ayurvedic Medicine "It's traditional with a modern touch" by Smakkya Ayurvedic Clinic

I was invited by Smakkya Ayurvedic Clinic (Health Care) together with Najeeb to try out this traditional indian medication and rejuvenation.  Located at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, we were introduce to ayurvedic Dr. which he will holistically analyse you in term of your physical health and mental health (EQ).

It soon will be the key indicator to determine what are the treatment you need. Your lifestyle improvement will be advise by the doctor. Funny how he can read you what are you taking, your mood, your thought just by a simple questionnaire and Q&A session with the doctor.

Me and Najeeb getting ready to be rejuvenate 

Let's us took a simple tour of Samkkya. It is a center for alternative medication based on 'Ayurveda' treatment. They got 3 branches in Malaysia which at Bangsar (Samkkya Ayurverdic Clinic), Melaka (Smakkya Ishak Ayurvedic Hospital) and Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Samkkya Yoga School).

We went to the Bangsar Branch to discover more on what actually  ayurvedic treatment was. My first impression I thought it some kind of 'spa' with a little scent of relaxation. Well, it's not entirely I was wrong it is more than that.

When we talk about Ayurveda, we talking bout a system. In which is natural well-balance blended for your whole well being. It's from the word of Sanskrit 'Ayur' means life while 'veda' means science. The science of life.

In ayurveda, wellness come in 3 factor; mind, physical, and natural balance. It cover the aspect of diet, detoxification, physical, mental balance,  and natural element of your body.

Miss Averyl caught in action

Now, let get back to the part where my friend and I reaches Samkkya. We were welcome by the GM Miss Averyl, little brief of what we will be experiencing today and straight to meet our holistic doctor, Dr. Shiv Kumar Vats (Dr. Vats). In between it, we were served with ginger tea which I kind of dislike most..

The ginger teaaaaaa...

The basic thing in ayurvedic is 'Dosha'. It is the determination of what you are in the nature element. We will need to answer some of the questionnaire given with most honest regarding your lifestyle and habit.. wahlahhh.. the dr can read you thru.. based one it he can predict your behavior and what are the things you need to be improve. There is 5 element space (eter), air (udara), water (air), earth (tanah) and fire (api). You are to be in either of the element that is dominant in you. Well, I am on the fire type.

I was understands that there are 3 element in our body. There are; Vatha - body movement, reflects, blood circulation; Pitha - 'light', body temperature, energy, metabolism, nutrition absorption and detoxification; Kapha - physically, liquid in body. All those 3 are linked with our diet and lifestyle.

I think is well enough of the explanation. After a session with Dr. Vats, it's come to the treatment time. The consultation from Dr. Vats are used to determine what type of treatment you need ? material suit your body ? any improvement in your lifestyle ? 

During Consultation with Dr. Vats

Full massage body using warm 'Abhyanga' was introduced. Did I mention it warm ? because you see there is a stove in the massage room to heat up the Abhyanga (massage oil). Frankly, it was my first time having full body massage. haha...

I don't know whether I'm nerves or excited =P

Start from your head. During the time, the therapist told me some part of my head, the blood circulation was not smooth. 3 point of my head he pressed, is the point where I do had headache sometime (surprisingly, afterward I press myself, no effect at all ==.==).. He help to 'lighten' my head... Next is my body, he did again, tracing my back pain.. also in 3 point.. He told me it might be due to my work environment that some time required me to sit a lot. I think the rejuvenation took me around 2 hours and IT WASSSS NICEEE!!!

That's all I can say, the experience is priceless. You guys can check it out at there website or call 03-2287 2111 for more info.

P/s the room environment was nice.. the temperature with soothing sound of nature make me wander around in the realm of nature.. ahhhhhh

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Giler tak kacak ??!! (by Wawa Idris)

Alhamdulillah CK ad rezeki sikit dapat join kelas WAWA IDRIS. Tambah la sikit knowledge2 nak berfesyen nie.. Selalu hentam2 aje.. sekarang da tahu da.. mcm mne nak tengok kesesuaian kite dengan bentuk tubuh.. macam nie.. macam tu.. ye la.. da name anak jantan.. slalu sarong je la yang mne ade. Hahah..

Persoalan sape wawa idris nie ? kembar wawa zainal ke ? youtube artis ke ? hahaha.. Wawa idris nie perunding imej korporat & celebriti yg bertauliah.. ok.. org putih kate Certified Consultant… Pn Wawa bnyk pengalaman dalam bab2 imej dan personal branding..

Haaa… sape2 yg rase konfius2 tu.. meh lerr… cari Pn Wawa kite.. make over trus.. bukan jadi mat over yee.. 

Sesi start dgn ber-uols2 dgn Pn Wawa kite nie... haha.. cite la serba sikit.. ape yang kitrg blogger akan tempuhi dalam satu harinie.. bagus tauuu.. siap dgn modul lagi.. I selaku ketua team nakal.. mesti la time org explain kite.. amik pic.. sambil2 la.. tapi kite digest jugak hokkay.. dlm kelas.. haaa..

haa... nampak.. Pn Wawa kite explain...bnyk bende kot dapat.. bende yang paling penting untuk kite take noted.. dgn stail or pemakaian kite.. adalah..
T - time (siang ke ? mlm ? bed time (tak mungkin lakannnn)
O - Occasion ( dinner ke ? sukan lasak?? tai chi ??)
P - Place (tempat... mne tu.. hotel ? ke hutan ??)

prinsip TOP nie penting.. slalu kite hentam keromo aje.. at least sekarang korang dah ade la.. pandai2 la nnti.. hehe..

A photo posted by CK (@ck_decaros) on
(amik ko.. skali I kne comment ko.. hahahaha)

Time nie kne compare.. jacket casual n formal.. see.. pemilihan tu penting
(p/s tu bukan kembar I ok...)

korang tau x... bile ckp smart casual tu mcm mne ?? haha.. CK selama nie ingt mcm pkai polo ngan sluar ape2.. janji kolar.. dah done.. ngupenyer.. nk kne ad % smart.. % casual.. tgk majlis mcm mne.. part nie.. kite sendiri tentukan.. tambah2 kaum adam.. slalu main amik je.. 

Fun Fact : kaum adam slalu amik saiz yang besar dari dier.. manakala kaum hawa slalu lagi kecik dari dier.. hahaha.. btol tak ? hehe

untuk abg2 sado dan kurang sado.. nah.. jenis2 kasut korg.. katenyer.. Oxford shoes wajib ad satu.. senang kalo ad hal2 yang memerlukan pemakaian formal..

Selain tu.. korg.. kne tau.. character korng mcm mne.. baru kite leh suitkan dgn pemakaian korg..
dramatic kahhhh ?? sporty kahhh...

sorry.. yang laki nyer version CK xsempat tangkap.

kusyuk k.. CK blaja.. kain syifon xmatch dgn cotton ke.. lycra la.. haaa.. penting tu..

da tahu.. character.. kne plak tau size badan mcm mne CIK KIAHHHH oooiiiii.. ha.. nie ukuran dier.. tapi basically korg leh nmpk bentuk fizikal dier mcm mne.. nah...

ok.. pejam mate.. imagine.. bentuk korg H... X ? (pinggang kecik ? ).. V ?? tuttt besar.. A - bawah besar.. dan O.. paham2 je la ek.. haaa... factor nie main peranan tau.. cerohh.. ataih kee.. skirt.. ikan duyung la.. pensil la.. hahaha.. CK pon da hafal uolss..

tp btol kate Wawa.. kekadang dlm almari punya banyak baju.. cume bnyk je favorate korg.. haha..
padahal cube kite tengok.. bnyak kot lehh.. mix max..

see.. bnyak kan leh dapat.. haha.. Wawa jugak tekankan aspect praktikal.. nie team laki jenuh.. ktrg nk matchkan cari colour yang sesuai..

haaa... poning aden haaa...

nie.. kalo CK cite lagi.. mau siap satu modul jual kat popular.. hahahhahaa..
korang nk tau lagi detail.. nah

Wawa Idris (Website/ blog :
Certified Image Consultant, Style Coach & Corporate Trainer
Suite:33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng
203 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6019.236.3907 / +603.2116.9619
Fax : +603.2116.5999

Wow Attitude Wow Attire

 jom la join CK join klas dier.. serious tak puas.. bnyk lagi CK nk tuntut nihhh...

Thanks pada sponsor jgk ye..

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Sponsors:-@ratujannah_rajajannah@salees_food@mbh_medispa@chemboja Eyemaster

nahh.. abg ben bagi speech.. heheh

Team Budak nakal.. heheh

IT's A WRAPPED~!! yeay.. thanks semua..

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