Thursday, 4 December 2008


thx.. for those who help me in my achievement in dis 1st sem... x-pecially myself for being able to cope wit da course dat never across my mind.. dis is my latest result..

Japan Lang. = A
Effective Comm. (soft skill course) = A
Co-co = A
TITAS (Tamdn Islam N Asia) = A-
Science Material For Civil Eng. = A-
Engginering Math. = B+
Static & Dynamic = B-

well, hope fully can get da 'Dean Award'.. coz at my University da CGPA being calculated depends on the total of the course mark..  soo.. hope u guys pray for me.. 
and Thx GOD for giving chance to prove myself after all da patience da I being 'dump' into dis course..


AYeEn said...

congratez on ur result....
wish u all da best!!

*MARDI* said...

whats ur japanese lang. use for?? is it very important in ur coarse???

CiKaLi said...

actually, its as bonus for me when I applying for work x-specially to da japan company.. da tried to hv their employee to hv knowledge about their lang.. as they tends to not use eng so much..


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