Monday, 22 December 2008

Holiday to de ISLAND!!!??

yea.. my sis and bro in-law planning goin on trip to penang island especially KOMTAR which hv been such a long time not being thre.. we go thr..MySpace da whole family except my second eldest sis which she was working... my bro bought his new FOOTBALL shoes.. which cost around 160MYR... eheh.. Me ? I bought nothin juz thankful can get out from my home... I got change my watch batt.. only.. MySpaceThen for lunch we went eat PIZZA!!... fuh, Im full oledi... MySpace

Ok, around 2 something, we separated into 2 group... my parents and my eldest sis + bro-in-law.. my parent wanna go back to go shopping at my 2nd eldest sis work.. then went home with her... me.. I  n my youngest sis choose my sis.. we go round da penang... especially feringgi beach... lots of foreiner there..MySpace
owh ya.. about da pic... we stop by at 'floating mosque' at png... da outside of da mosq got many so called ' Ikan Belacak ' da fish dat can live in 2 stats.. water n ground.. in side it u can c dat da fans is not hangging instead it attach to da ground.. cool ha..MySpace
got my shadow.. it is beach.. argh..MySpace

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