Thursday, 8 January 2009

election day..

Before I on da way to voting hall(DTII)..

Before enter voting hall.. need to q.. huhu

Huhu.. can not captured inside coz its illegal... juz can see from doors.. actualy on each table got 1 PC.. our system call e-voting.. which is a bit new to our paperless socialty.. hehe.. fun.. after vote we go at da back take free umbrella.. huhu..

then go back..


fareezyusoff said...

dpt payung?bestny..

Anonymous said...

sy pilih yg good-looking ja. malangnya, good-looking x sampai pun 7...jd sy tutup mata utk pilih yg selanjutnya

CiKaLi said...

payung best ?? tk best pn.. huhu.. cyrus2.. hehe.. yg penting undi..


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