Thursday, 8 October 2009

Kemalasan Tunku Scholar.. (T.T)

lately.. im so super duper lazy..
dont know y... my soul keep on reminding me..
yet my body still feel the same way...
hmm.. wat should I do ?
last time I was always thinkin people who can keep their routine in their life
which by planning it will get success, well it just half correct,
as I learn from my bro, its the people that can adapt to their surround
will bring greater success..
well, till now since I have been moved to my new house with new housemate and roomate,
I keep on fallin down.. I mean attitude.. hmm..
no more 4 am stdy, no more planning an A..
O god,I really need U... please change this humble lazy cikali...
as my final juz left few weeks.. I should work hard..
but till now "Where the afford ha ??"..
hmm. u guys pray for me ? plz.. really need to change..

Below was my fun@tiring camp (YTAR).. enjoy..

p/s thanks amir for the overnight accommodation and Ilham for the treat at Mr Teppayaki..


imHepPie said...

huii..apsal gayut abesla bil tepon bulan nih mesti tinggi..

CiKaLi said...

standard ar.. rakyat msia..
tel tu dlu tunku abd rahman
pkai tau.. bgge ak..

chafiq exat said...

sakan ko upload pic eh, yg blur2 tu x yah la letak naqib oi, huhu

CiKaLi said...

nk jgk..

aqwang said...

salam, ya la kalo biasiswa dah masuk...hu3

CiKaLi said...

cdngan ditutup..
tk skrng kerajinan dh dtg dh..


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