Thursday, 21 January 2010

owh.. 37.4...

hi guys..
sory for the late update...
cikali juz got recover frm fever.. but still my attitude hasnt yet..
we go to that part later...

ok... last week I went to jb...
heheh.. sory not to tell my frenz...
i went c one of my blog fanz.. haha.. got meh?
yup really.. It was fun although juz for awhile..
then the next day i got this fever..
haha.. must b over excited with all the adventure..

then i go c to pku ( PUSAT KESIHATAN UNIVERSITI)

strepsil ??

one of my frenz ever giv dis to me..

nowadays hate panadol after knowing the side effect..

this one i don know y he giv me..

one of my subject... structure analysis.. huhu.. so pening kepala lo..

haha.. luckily my name its no to be called... die lo

im thinking ok..

last n not least.. peace yo..

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