Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life is A MESS!!..

of coz.. we the one tidy uo things..
create the path of our own.. know the this that we should take..

cikali oledi went back home arrive this mornin at PNG Central..
arrive around 6am.. and juz know need go Alor Setar since all my family..
was there... yup my sis chemo treatment...
haha.. wait at the centarl 4 about 2 HOURS... yup TWO..
doin nothin.. but it kind of fun.. u can c all ppl around u.. their reaction...
how they move... n even get to know better your society...

I wont blame my father of coz.. coz he should be the one who pick me up..
since I know both my parent were busy taking care of my sis.. I understand them..
thats y.. i keep on msging all my frenz... whether they at png oledi.. askin politely their help to fetch...
luckly.. the hvnt yet.. b4 I know that I should go to Alor Setar.. coz no one at home..
So, just took the bus then problem solve.. by da way, my father sleep in car at gurun n left his phone..
silent.. thats y cant reach him...

now, im at my sis house...  updating my blog juz waitin until 5 pm I think b4 can goin in to visit my sis..
my result? sgt telok oo... br tau 5 subjek...

Construction Engineering - A
Ethnic Relation - A-
Laboratory - A-
Hydraulic - B-
Geology- B-

 very the cacat result kn? the B- with the 3 credit... die lo... less hope get dean oledi..
quite menyesal a bit.. didnt focus to much on both 2 subject...hhuhu...
n now my hope goes to Engineering Math 4 and Structural Analysis..

taking about both two paper.. Its Like S****...
huhu.. y?
both paper kill me with time limit.. especially structural analysis..
u noe wat.. I found out my mistake in last 20min..

OF COZ.. not enough... to solve the question u need around 1 hour!!!..
i juz manage to finish part a.. part b? burn 9 mark!!..
quite frusted since u know u can score but u didnt manage to finish it..

u know wat? after the paper.. I straight take my bike.. n go watch movie ~ kick ass..
and eat mc D.. double.. as the release tension..  B4 I KILL SOMEBODY!!
haha.... yup.. last paper wat structure.. huhu.. k la..
got to go.. need rest.. huhu..
8 hours journey hvnt vanish yet..
k guys.. wish u all the best..
jgn jd cam cikali..
result kene maintain ek..

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