Sunday, 17 February 2013

There was aunty..

I kind of feel bad for her..
At first I was walking up to my floor -4th floor to be clear-
And there she was at my floor level -which I was barely reach it-
With her big luggage full of medicine while she look sick anyway -state the obvious -

And I reach her while offer a help -yup, goes back to ground floor-
On the way, of we were moving downward..
She start to talk about her husband that was admitted to the different hospital because of stroke disease..

There I was with friendly attitude talking bout my late uncle -al-fatihah- that had the same... Until..

Aunty: how was your uncle doing ? Feeling better ?
Me: (the question struck me, either I had to tell he the ultimate truth or either way around) ehhmm.. Ehhmm.. He's actually.. Passed away..

And the aunty just smile and thank me for the help..
She also pray for my good health and fortune.. -which I hope including finding the perfect wife for me-

Either way, what would you guys do in my case ? I kind of feel bad though cause her husband is still in treatment while I was saying someone dead ?? What seriously ?? =="

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