Saturday, 15 June 2013

Job line..

It is said that I kind of miss my old job.. Yup..
Definitely miss the old one..
Like some people said "when you are entering other company.. Your mind would compare them.. And you would miss the old one.. "

Life is harsh.. 
To gain something you had to gave in something in return.. 
I won't blame god by the way.. 
This is shows that we had to appreciate every moment we had.. 

Sometime I don't know how people that doing bad deed had enjoy living.. 
But for me, as long as Allah had give you chance to improve yourself..
We should be thankful.. 

 Either way, some of my closed friends might know..
That Civil Engineering that never appear in my mind.. 
In fact, to be an engineer was never thought off..

Nevertheless, with my parents prays to Allah, with all the complaining..
And nagging that both of the had hear from me.. I had become one.. 
And yet my journey still long.. I still need to find tune for my carrier... 
I even didn't realise that my 4 years studies would end soo fast.. 

We didn't know what Allah SWT has plan for us.. 
Sometime, I didn't know what I had in me..
And of cause, Allah knows everything.. He know where I'm suit with..
He send my parent to guide me all the way.. 

My advise to people out there.. You should never gave up..
We thought we are good at it.. But we don't.. 
We thought we never made it.. But we do.. 
Just embrace yourself.. See the side of the future.. 
Don't just aim.. Modified.. 

With that's kid.. And of night lecture.. See ya..

My farewell lunch..

The old me job..

The new me.. 

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