Sunday, 6 April 2014

Just wanna be something...

Sometime I've felt..
I can't do it.. the felt of giving up..
knowing things can go right..
can go wrong.. cause there is something..
would hold me up.. the burden to bear..
the thrust to keep..

I felt want to do more.. the current me is not enough..
the being me is getting ahead of myself..
Cause right till now.. I'm not at my comforting zone..
I don't know my league.. my strength did not reach out much..
Some hope don't deserve to be with me..
Some skill don't deserve to be in me..

Something to be lost that I never gain back..
the real me.. that I keep on holding up..
to the people that keep building it up.
I just couldn't..
I just wouldn't..

Don't know how people see in me..
I am just human..
I can be there to put hopes in everyone..
cause I ever lost hopes in everything..
I just..


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