Monday, 17 November 2014

CK Review : Horns

Horns.. Another movie from the novel.. quite interesting actually.. basically it's a story bout young love.. promises to be old together.. and just be happy.. UNTILL!!!

ok.. if you guys watched harry potter (obviously. who's not).. Daniel Radcliffe is the main character of the story.. young man with bad ass attitude.. yup folks.. he's turning to bad.. well.. for some reason..

there is an element of mysterious in the story.. if you guys are novel fanatic.. it's exciting.. but still.. I'm not quite get rid of the harry potter good boy aspect as I was watching this whole movie.. (LOL!)..

Either way, it's good for you guys to see.. your favorite all time harry potter turn into bad ass..

I rate this as



Akif Imtiyaz said...

6 drp 10 ..ok la kot ..Terbaik !!!

CiKaLi said...

hehe.. yup.. ley tahan la.. lgpon 18 ye.. baru thriller skit..


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