Wednesday, 4 February 2009

hmm... got to move.. move.. move..

hmm.. it hav been. long since i updated my last post.. during CNY holiday ?? nothin much do.. i go back home quite late... on sunday... while waiting fr da sunday to come.. soo boring nothin much do... juz play dota.... then for da 1st time im taking hasry bus... huhu.. got seats at da back.. lucky da bus spring is good.. or else... my bone maybe broken to all da jumpin.. hehe.. than da bus stop by i dont know whre.. but that r n r.. was very pretty the structure.. maybe coz its new... hmm.. cant eat so much juz buy snap n stuff.. then during holiday.. my family cat got sick.. so i send it to the veterinar.. its fun dis is my 1st time go there.. the doc told that my cat got fever and it being shot with 3 needle.. huhu.. later the doc gav da antibiotic and vit.. hehe.. dats it no much fun huh.. wat about urs ?
But still im in lazy mode.. need to move stdy coz da test getting near.. huhu.. wake naqib.. or else how u goin to maintain ur result.. huhu.. somebody help me!!!!


ugly_toad said...

I hope that u will success in ur test. Don't b lazy n play 2 much. (even I always lazy n surfing d internet)..I like ur the pic of the cute kittens that looking to d screen(with ur face on it)..

CiKaLi said...

huhu.. thks.. today.. i nearly miss my class... huhu so saad..

chafiq exat said...

hey, mcm familiar je tmpat yg ade parkng kete tu, kt mne ek?

CiKaLi said...

ntah ak tk tau kt ne.. bng2 je smpi kt stu.. dlm bas ak bkn wat pe sgt pn.. tido mkn tido mkn.. tu je.. pastu blank tk tau smpi mne..


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