Wednesday, 11 February 2009


wow.. what kind of topic talking about in my blogMySpace.. hmm.. well.. around my age nearly everyone get their on love.. this kind of love im talking about the love that u goin to gift to strngers or people that newly come in our life and become the closest one..MySpace hmm.. should I get some ?? need I to catch it ? did I ready to opened my heart to someone ?? did she like me ?? will she dump me ?? can I be loyal to her ? can I avoid heart broken ?? one of my frenz MySpace(wan lah ) said 'dude, jodoh wont come easily come if U not find it'.. well when there is so called jodoh i think no need rush la.. even if u couple to didnt mean u r getting married right ??.. well some say when u fall in luv u tends to hide ur true identity which obviously u be nicer to your to be soulmate..MySpace but r u sure she who u think she is ?? is not that to love u need to take some risk.. its true.. but when u finally opened ur heart to someone sure u try to maintain it right ?? hmm.. sometime im quite jealous wit my frenz dat got into relationshipMySpace.. well i dont know its juz it nice to be loved n loved.. but i kept on saying to myself I need to focus stdy for my parent n for the special one dat r waitin for me somewhereMySpace... its juz when u fall in luv without carrier how u goin to take care ur luv one.. come on boys r u expect the gurlz goin to take care u provide u food when u marrried ??MySpace.. for sure they goin to find better guy.. so, did u think we need to find luv now ?? or u juz wait until it come to u ?? so, people think like when u r goin to grad from universiti u need find one ??... y ? is there is no other gurlz from ur unversiti ?? think of it... MySpace


chafiq exat said...

surprisingly, u talked about love, hehe..hey, go find one la, i found mine, haha..wekk!

CiKaLi said...

ye ke ?? itu tk leh pkainyer.. tk main la...


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