Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Battle Station... Set.. go..

Juz went back from eating KFC.. hehe..
now.. im soo sleepy.. by juz 4 da sake of the reader... :-P ... lets see.. how was my interview..

I was planning wit my parent we meet at kl..
sadly due to my sister work finish around 3..
so from penang they depart at 3.30pm..
but my bus around 3 also.. which mean I have to wait for them.. untill 9.00pm..
(but then sumethin happen.. my bus came late around 340pm.. huhu just scared the bus left me at 3)

without knowing wat todo.. I start to call out all of my frenz ak KL...
most of them were busy.. lucky got my hometown frenz taking mechanical eng..
will to accept my visit to UM...
wat a nostalgic place...

its happen when I reach puduraya around 630pm..
then as usual take lrt go to masjid jamek then transit to putra..
reach Stesen University... after a few minutes i take taxi to go inside um..

Taxi Driver : U goin to UM right ? did u bring ur matric card ?
Me : (Wat the fish).. since when they check for matric card ??
T: Juz few days ago.. did u bring it ?
M: hmm.. actually.. im juz an ex-stdnt.. i hv my foundation card..
T: Its ok.. they juz wanna c the card.. Juz hope they don chck urs..
M: (God help me)

then reach da gate...

T: C, I told ya he wouldnt chck..
M: hehe... they got fool.. wahha.. luckly i bring my old card..

reach at 12th kolej.. straight go to my frenz room.. ( pretend to be UM stdnt) huhu..
rest 4 a while.. then we go eat at 6th college..

after we eat.. my parent oledi wait 4 me at front door as the cant enter.. so, my frenz left me at front gates.. (Thanks Hazman and Hazwan - twins actually)

meets my parent.. we eat dinner.. (haha.. i dint eat ok!! like i juz said I EAT AT 6th.. full oledi)
go to my cousin house... at setapak.. an apartment actually.. forgot da name..

wake up wit energetic face.. (yuhoo.. my 1st time interview in my life.. what did u guys x-pax)
eat breakfast and get ready for the intrvw... i iron my shirt i think 3 times.. huhu..
then here we go... reach putrajya around 915am.. lookin 4 the building..
reach there at 930am.. juz straight go in.. huhu.. left my parent at lobby.. i need to wait at waitin room.. huhu..

but at thre, oledi got 2 people.. my intrvw wat at 11am.. so juz wait..
chit chat wit them.. as I saw one by one enter the Torture room.. huhu T.T
then, are U nakib? its ur turn..

huhu.. then wit tornado in my stomach.. enter the room..
they were 4 of them.. one of the is dr tengku.. da one the supervise the camp...
other all were the yayasan important man..

Y.Bhg. Dato' V.L. Kandan

Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Hj. Ab. Rashid b. Ab. Rahman

Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Nayan b. Arifin

Ketua Eksekutif / Setiausaha Lembaga

Y.M. Dr. Tengku Ab. Aziz b. Tengku Zainal

huhu.. soo sacred...
the quetion they ask me were...

1 Who is Tunku Abd Rahman ?
2 Who is Chin Peng ?
3 How it he related to tunku ?
4 Why ur course name is 'civil' eng. ?
5 Backgroud a bit...
6 etc

huhu.. i felt like i was been shot.. some can aswer fluently some cant..
at the end they said to me.. they juz wanna c who u are.. which felt like i nearly got the scholarship.. but at the same time they said maybe u get..
so i was soo damn confius.. huhu..

after that go meet my parent and go eat launch at alamanda wit my bro in law..
1st time at Alamanda..

my face after interview.. huhu

thanks dad for the support...

outside the building..

alamanda view.. huhu juz abit..

the after all the eatin part..
we went to negeri sembilan as my mom got her convention to attend.. huhu..
my bus was on 6..

seremban city..

we think we could make it.. sadly.. i miss my bas..juz 15 min..
as so.. i need to change tiket to 8pm..

kl night view.. part of it..

then reach batu pahat around 1130pm.. take taxi reach hostel at 1200am
huhu.. thats how it is.. its fun travelling.. huhu..
ok guys.. need to prepare go to class at 8pm..
wish u all da best..
by da way.. to pieq.. juz focus what u are now.. and later worried about future..
think beyond what u can achive..


chafiq exat said...

hey, muka ko mcam ayah ko la, haha
baru perasan. peliknye soalan yg dia tnye, pasal sejarah segala..

CiKaLi said...

huhu.. tau takpe.
diorng tnye past, present ngan future..


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