Monday, 25 February 2013

Love it.. Hate it..

You see I'm kind of hate my job.. But sometimes I do love them..

Although it was not meant to be my one of the dream job that I had..

Being involved in my carrier now actually kind of fun though..

Each day and night, I do felt that going to work its all about spending my time..

Other the university life, I do felt it the day of cherish every moment that I had in life..
Meeting now friends, solving problem.. And of course there's money goes in.. .
If you get what I meant..

Now, as Project Engineer.. It acquire me to be resourceful..
Trust me.. You never know how little thing you learn could benefit you..
Other than c++..

Things that I hate in my job:
1- working till Saturday -might need on Sunday -
2- most of my time would just be for work -where's the fun ? Right ?
3- 10 days of public holiday took by the company -really ??

Here's the part that I'm suppose to like them :
1- enjoying of reassure of civil engineering knowledge that I had learn - times to put test on my knowledge
2- meeting new people -must say love to meet people to fools around though..
3- salary - isn't it obvious ??
4- solving problem -this part should felt like a boss.. Hoho..

Either way, I'm kind of comfort for now.. But still I felt I wanna do something more.. Like to be involve in design team as in any consultant firm..

Well folks do pray me to meet my consultant team.. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to be apart of that team..

See ya..

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