Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Voice on the radio....

Hehe.. You know what.. It was coincidence as I was driving back home from meeting..
While I was listening to the radio redfm to be exact,
They open up quite interesting topic which is "the most embarrassing moment in school.. "
There I was park my car and reaching my phone..
While the DJ just speak out the phone number to get thru them..

On that moment actually I was looking for my other phone in car..
By which I should miss called the phone , instead I tried the number that the DJ had pass thru..

Guess what!!!
I got thru terry and azura -DJ IN CHARGE
My mind like ommmmgg.. Haha.. I didn't know it gonna get thru..
Well, I share to them my experience - to bad no repeat broadcast here..

And there it goes my voice on radio.. Walla.. Hehehe..

Thank you redfm..

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