Sunday, 17 March 2013

Be the best of you are..

Sometime in life we never know that we inspired others..
In a way, got create us to appreciate things around us..
Just that sometime we lacks of fewer things till we could not realise that all our action do is matter..
I came across in time it is the dependence of human being..

Don't you think that the rich man envy poor man ?
In a norm it is normal for less fortune people to envy the rich man..
Well try to think again??
Had you saw the Facebook advertise on who's the rich among us ??
The beggar actually..
Indeed we can be rich cause of credit card, car loan and etc..

Here's the other one.. King that envy his people..
There's a lot actually the endless think that I can list on..
You just need to widen up your perspective..

Even I envy the works so called kongsikong cause of lots of thing..
Either way, be thankful that u being success in what ever you are doing....

See ya..

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