Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday with kembara..

What a hectic Monday.. Last thursday, my honey kembara.. Was sick ..
When I pressed for speed it's like.. The car very heavy and guess what I can only move..
Fastest by 20-30kph.. Ayakkk.. I was dying at the highway..
Using my so called imaginary superpower to make the car move faster..
Without futher delay I send the car to the workshop hoping the problem would end..
And guess what.. Other problem arise.. The car recover from last time injury..
But, had rise other.. The car easily when off I mean.. Wherever you in low speed.. As in make a u-turn or stop at traffic light it kind of when off.. First I though it was the 'timing' but again the same thing happen..
Haih.. Nevertheless I had to be strong of such thing happen (luckily, it was at early of month.. By which the salary goes in)..
Either way, I when back home using my company car.. Thanks to my boss..
Please pray for my kembara ya.. Huhu

2 comments: said...

Semoga kereta cepat sembuh :-)

CiKaLi said...

Huhu.. Tq..


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