Sunday, 8 September 2013

Which is which ?? Contractor or consultant ?

Before into my sort of long writinggg..

lets look into this 2 prospect...

Similar to our constitution where we have 2 major side,

  1. Execution (Perlaksana)
  2. Planning (Perancang)
sort of things, the closest example that I can refers to you..

contractor is in the team of execution while consultant is in planning.
some people wondering with me which one is the best ? the working life and style and etc..

I do find its funny when what your goal or you want to achieve kept people wondering your moving to pursue your carrier is something that happen to be you bump into.. or you find its too tiring to work in certain scope/area...

As much as civil engineering never been into my life dictionary before I turn into 18 (which I kinda force into the course),  it kept me wide and open minded view that thing couldn't been that bad as I were imagine this would be.. ~lets just keep into that

My humble 7 month experience (Project Engineer) , in contractor team we do coordination to construct any build up required by the client. This part will test you in how you dealing with people of all areas. You would need to use your logical skill on how to execute the task given. how u deal with people is not something and academician could teach you. well, most of the job required you to be deal with all sort of people especially different ages which is not something formally teach you..
Other than that, you'll start to know that 'black and white' is the most important thing when involve in work. People start to cooperate follow to what had been written.. Well some will do extra if you got the negotiation skill..

Next, to the consultant part.. Being Civil/Structural Engineer was never been easy to me..
In consultant, you should really master you degree.. Like seriously you need..
It had bump me where sometime your boss or you colleague would not had time to be in check with you.
You'll need to sharp and focus to deal with all the fundamental thing to modified and create your understanding and put into some thought on solving your design.
Owh ya, you not only cover 1 project like my previous job.. sometime you'll need to cover up till 6@6..
depends on priority, this scope of job plays with your ability of time management..
I'm lucky to have supporting team along my way.. =)

either way, both career was fun to me.. when people aspect me to explain which one is the best for me..
I would say both had been great experience.. it goes back to your aim what are you achieving for,...
who you gonna be in 5 years.. where you put yourself into..
are gonna be helping people achive their dream ??
or you chasing your own ??

for few stepping stone.. money come to second...
put your priority of gaining experience.. gather all the feel and required skill..
to achieve your own.. well good luck folks.. see ya..

 Me as Project Engineer

  Civil/Structural Engineer (Current)

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