Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hello2.. I'm Back.. kind of..

hehe. either way, I had a 4 days top rest to Penang.
How you guys spend your Raya Haji by the way ?
most of people less celebrate raya haji as far much they should have (in islamic event)
compare to Raya Puasa.. just saying..

as I for now, Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with mylife.. my family..
a little bit of ups and downs I might say..
You wouldn't think of life gonna be that easy wouldn't ya..

pretty much sometime I do felt like giving up..
wanna search other job.. back penang.. bla.. blaa..
but what keeps me on the ground ?

I do felt violated.. sometime I just hope thing would be better.. (you know it wouldn't)
Unless I had to do something positive.. then I can enjoy my life.. 
Nevertheless, that's what life is..

When time move, so does your maturity are.. I was surrounded by all sort of people..
The lucky one.. The unlucky one.. 
What does that made you ?? The jealousy or thankful.. 
Believe in what you are achieving.. And strike forward.. 

Along the road, pray to god to give you guide.. 

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