Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Is it "pain" ? or "paint"ball ???

Hello guys.. It's been awhile I've updated my blog..
Here's the thing.. I was invited to one of the blogger event..
which was PAINTBALL..

at first I was kind of reluctant.. haha..
paintball ?? seriously ?? well it make me near a month to clear my schedule..
for that event.. one day.. on 30th November..
It kind of interesting though.. cause.. I always.. interest on trying this game on..
at point.. I really thought this game might gave bruise..

 Briefing ~ safety talk..

They handed me this consent letter.. I was writing and reading.. before I signed..
hahah.. I found one sentence regarding fatal and being disable..

haha.. shocking actually.. owh well.. anything goes..
the event goes with 3 games... and the last game was zombie (means : you can be revive after death)..
It was plain and simple.. in order someone to be called dead.. u had to shoot upper body.. exclude hands..
other than that you are still consider miss..

here how it goes.. the first round I played.. been head shoot..
second round.. sniper shoot at the back..
well the last round.. I was out of bullet.. hahah...
lucky me all shot hit my mask and vest.. no harm. dude..
for first timer.. I've been able to shoot clearly one person.. yeaaayy (should I celebrate that??)
owh well..
enjoy the pic.. =)

Mask ON!!

Suit up..

Weapon Lock And Load!!

My team

With Enemy!!


I'm dead...

end of story..
see ya..


careno said...

owhhh... dead already ehh... ok2... thanks google translate... hahahha...

qaseh dalia said...

i dont know what u skeaping about this os too much for me u know ! what are you speaking ! haaa ! tell me no! or i will dead you already !!!

CiKaLi said...

@cerano : hahaha.. sempat...

@qaseh : ~blurrr

KyLe RiL said...

ade dtg men eh ritu...kempunan den nak shooot bro ahahahaha

CiKaLi said...

hahah.. ad je.. bersembunyi.. sna sni..

Yan Ty said...

Sengal those two comment above.

Hope to see you around again w for the next game huh. Or other meet up of the bloggers event ahead.

E1 is busy w life , sometime w need to get out from the hectic life from tonnes of works. Chill!

CiKaLi said...

well.. I'll chill with my busy life..

CiKaLi said...

well.. I'll chill with my busy life..


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