Saturday, 23 November 2013

I hate you.. but I love you... where your passion (Job)

It kept me wonder when people ask me "hows your job going ?, is it great ?"
sometime I didn't know how to answer..
How I know my job was great ?
How I know my job makes me happy ?

People could see me happily enjoy mylife..
People could see me how well they think I am..
but the truth is it was just ok.. and fine.. nothing that great except I made it through day by day..

It occur me when I had one phone conversation with my sister,
when she ask me how am I doing ? jobs and everything..
One thing that I said to her "sis, if you want to know either you doing great/fine on your job or not,
you just had to let bad and good thing happen (balance).. If your job was too great, too smooth.. it will be bored right ? and what if bad things happen always, you felt like giving up..
I know my job was ok.. and I'm enjoying it, cause in time of difficult I manage to solve few thing..
what would a job be without challenge right ?"

all of sudden, I was realize that I had mature in life..
I had embrace what I thought would be impossible...
I do hate my job.. and I do love it..
there is a time I felt wanna quit.. I always babbling to myself..
I couldn't do it.. I want to run from this place.
but my mind always stay strong and steady

always thing the reason you work there and if it's about money,
you won't last long, cause money you could found it everywhere
find that extra something that you can make a strong hold of what you want to achieve
and be strong.. you are in right direction.

May odd be in your favor (Hunger Games) =)


qaseh dalia said...

i hate you bhaha

CiKaLi said...

haha.. nk hate2.. jugakkk


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