Monday, 10 November 2014

CK Review : Interstellar

Well peeps, I'll introduce you the new segment of this blog called CK Review..
now for today review let me talk about INTERSTELLAR..

Ironically, some say it's going to be very dull movie sort of.. you know..
spaceship.. crash.. on.. and so on..  well, Christopher Nolan (Director) had did a great job..
the way of how he bring audience to the talk of surviving is interesting..
Basic Element of the movie : Survival
Natural Element : Family, love, loneliness

It's basically a movie where bout the earth is dying.. crops is ticking to death.. food is limited..
no rain just sand storm.. It began with a small family by Matthew McConaughey (the father) had to find a way to bring human to a 'BETTER EARTH'..

That's it just as simple as that... BUT as just one thought of reason being human survival.. The director had played well on all the element had been mixed my pretty amazing.. owh ya, had you guys watch Lucy ?? the superhuman ? so called.. this story kind of had the same vibe with LUCY..

But, with different angle.. haha you guys might had thought that the story is bored.. wait till you watch one..

for today review I'm gonna give.........


to it's well thought and simplification of the movie.. If you are simple minded person.. I might sat it's not a so good movie to ya... here the sneak peak of interstellar..

p/s I'm kind of regret I couldn't get a seat for GSC D-BOX.. cause all the space travelling it's gonna be blast.. maybe next time folks.. 


Nadia Johari said...

macam best je

CiKaLi said...

yup.. memang best pon.. hehe


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