Friday, 21 November 2014


It's been awaiting like almost the whole year for Katniss Everdeen to be in action again..
I've bought the tix one week before.. haha.. and can still see people seat in the front row..
just to be with Katniss...

after all.. you folks still remember this line ?

"OMG, what just happen ?"
"You are safe, we are going to district 13, district 12 is gone .."
~more or less on how it goes,,

releasing part 1.. have the most awaiting time for Katniss fans..
but, this time.. the way of the story telling is different as compare the two before..
it got less action (yaya.. spoil alert) BUT..

you need to watch it to understand what really happen after district 12 was gone..

But you see.. safe the best for the last.. can't wait for part 2.. =)

I give


P/s owh ya, I found this lady at Carls Jr. when I was taking my dinner.. she got real bow.. at first I thought she was athlete or what.. after some time.. it was Katniss cosplay..  even more.. she was sitting right behind me.. hahahah.. ~true fans indeed.. thumbs up


Najib Ariyan said...

fiem ni lebih kepada persediaan untuk bahagian kedua yg maybe berkesudahan dengan happy ending cuma kurang senang dalam filem ini bila hero (heroin sebenarnya) utama dalam filem ni terlalu lemah dengan perasaan...

CiKaLi said...

yup.. betol.. heroin terlalu obses dengan perasaan.. tp bagaimanapon.. pembawaan watak tetap menjadi..


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