Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Talking bout Bagel

It's been years.. I haven't had a nice bagel.. haha.. it's bagel dude not Bogel (in Malays Language)..
basically it's a type of bread that looks like donuts but then the texture is different..

the filling is not on the top of it like common donuts.. cut into half and you can choose the spread that you want..

My favorite gonna be hot chocolate spread.. perghhhh... the sweet smooth in the inside.. while crunchy on the outside.. I just don't know how to describe..

well folks, remember my last entry I went to Empire Damansara.. there were this shop called 'The Bagel Compant'.. nice shop indeed.. I've gonna say it's a bit expensive but it's worth it..

The nice fact of this shop, they've provide you with high speed wifi.. but the best part is with 42" TV come with XBOX 360... yup.. you can play all night long (I meant until the shop close.. haha)..

Nice place for my tea time... =)


ezyra daniel said...

wahhh sedap nye!!!tak pernah makan lagi ni..ada rezeki nanti kena cuba hehe

CiKaLi said...

hehe.. memang patut try pon.. hehehe


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