Thursday, 13 November 2014

what's with BFM 89.9 ?

Now, let's talk about this radio station that available in Malaysia..
Currently this radio channel are available thru Klang Valley and near area..

Reason ? I didn't google it myself =P

What I was saying that, how could this radio station opened up your point of view..

It blend in the most current issues into an opened discussion, bring thought of all the panel..
It was like a movable forum I must say..

Sadly, the first time was listening to this station due to my company car that can't go beyond 100Hz LOL... Now, becoming the fans was not such a bad Idea at all...

You see, most radio station in Malaysia was focusing toward to entertainment instead of information.

I might sound lame but it some thing that you worth listen to.. (~other part of talking directly bout business itself =)'

Ok, like yesterday.. they were talking bout transgender issues in Malaysia.. how it effect the country ? what are the cause of this issues ?.. Other day, 'I want to touch a dog..' event.. Why someone could create such event ? Have they had overlook on something ?..

You see.. in Malaysia.. we usually start blaming.. Pointing finger at each other without getting the much idea the whole story (a big BOW to social media for that)..   In this wireless days, I've tried to not be too judgmental.. yes what is wrong is wrong.. but you must get the picture of it.. =)..

oh ya, they also had some information sharing.. like how to do financial saving.. making loans.. manage property., and other such surviving skill in this harsh economy.. I could say the station offers 90% of info.. and only 10% of it singing..

well folks, stayed tune in to BFM 89.9 (the business station)

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