Wednesday, 3 December 2014

CK Review : Madagascar got penguin ??

OK.. as u know.. the penguin of Madagascar never fail us.. if you were a fans..
U should see it on TV3 (in Malaysia) every Sunday for the series..

It’s about how intelligence penguin play their role on saving earth.. or the world..
Or penguin (… more or less)

The based core of the story was family.. how they stick together and survive
What did I like about the penguin is… u never know how the react to every situation..

Haha.. kind of like.. WTF.. haha..
Well folks.. it’s a comedy.. don’t bring someone who just love facts (~boreddd)..
Coz this movie gonna kill ya..

Yup, I laugh until reach home after watching..
Not until end of the movie.. hehe..

For this.. I had to give..


p/s they enemy was squid.. ==”

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Nadia Johari said...

Cerita baru ke..tak pernah tengok..


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